7. Fight day 1

Today I start my first round of chemo. I’ve woken up early, and feel totally fine. I’m not scared, I’m determined. I’m not nervous, I’m pumped. And as my trainer reminds me, start strong, finish stronger! So I decide to go for a run.

Now this could be fun – I haven’t run for months and haven’t been to the gym in weeks! I’m also conscious that I don’t want to give my body any aches or muscle repair to contend with, as I’ll need all my strength and energy to fight the chemo from today, so it’s just going to be a short jog…


What’s that pace all about? 9:38 per mile? Rubbish Rebecca! Right, another target! Get my pace back under 9 minutes – not necessarily for the distance or duration I was running before, but even just for a mile or two – it’ll keep me active and boost my energy through this, and I can run on good days and rest on the bad.

But for now, I’m just happy I got out there, job done 🙂



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