8. This is chemo

To be honest, it wasn’t anything like as bad as I’d expected. Not at all.

The room wasn’t a ward, it was more like an Ikea display. There were about 10 chairs a bit like dentist chairs, with drips (or dingly dangly things, as I kept calling them; drips just sounds so lame and pathetic!) a tc, magazines, fruit, drinks etc. And I was the only one in today. I liked that, as it felt like there’s not many people sick! Great!

My first question was whether I should have eaten beforehand – I wasn’t sure so didn’t, but the nurse said it was fine, and promptly offered to make me a sandwich! Peanut butter ok? Awesome, thanks! All good so far!

They’d also told me to bring a book or movies on my ipad, as I’d be there for about an hour. I’ve had Shoe Dog by my bed for ages, but I usually close my eyes as soon as I’m into bed so still haven’t started it! I figured, if anyone is motivational, it’s Phil Knight, so I bring the legend with me. Unfortunately, in my usual fashion, I fall asleep during chemo and only get to page 14, but I’ll stick at it!

The chemo itself includes two drugs. one’s a bright orange (and turns my pee the same colour!) and the other’s clear. I’m intrigues watching the first one go into my arm, and can feel my arm tingle as it enters my bloodstream! It’s working! It doesn’t hurt, it just feels a bit cold, but the nurse tells me that’s because my body temperature is warmer than the liquid going in So no dramas. The second one is longer – twice the volume. This one’s clear so less interesting. And the nurse warns me that as it goes in, I’ll get a headache behind my eyes, in my sinus. If this becomes too painful, she can reduce the flow rate of the chemo to ease the pain. When it gets painful I tell her, but when she tells me there’s only 15 minutes left, I say ah just leave it, let’s get it in and working asap! In the grand scheme of things, I can stand a headache!

15 minutes later, we’re done and I’m outta there. That was effortless, and within minutes I’m back behind the wheel of my car and happy again 🙂

Back behind the wheel – happy Boxy 🙂

Right, let’s see what this shit is going to throw at me now…!


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