6. The big chop

OK so I don’t think Trevor Sorbie’s team in Covent Garden quite knew what to expect!

When I arrived at the salon on Wednesday, they took my coat and seated me in a seat in front of a mirror. Nothing unusual there. Until Alex and Kari showed up, with a couple of bottles of bubbles, and we explained that this was going to be a party, not just a cut & blow. Ah. OK. Well then perhaps we’d better seat you over here in the corner out of the way… Haha! Winner! Our own little corner to cause mayhem! Perfect 🙂

Cork flies, bubbles poured…

From then on the fun just continued. They started by cutting off the lengths of my hair into many small bands, so I could take these back to Amsterdam to be made into a Toupim (see later post…). This took ages, but they were meticulous and we have both the stylist and colourist working on it together.



After a swift wash, I was back to the chair to find my glass topped up and my hair ready to style. Kudos to Caroline, my stylist – god knows how she was able to concentrate with Alex dancing around her taking selfies, and Kari desperately trying to capture a boomerang of them cutting my hair! But somehow she did, and the result was awesome!

Next, Ben returns and takes over. Somehow he manages to cover my (now short) hair with foils and leaves me to ‘cook’.

Top-up <hic>

At this point, while we’re posing updates to social media, I get a message from my hairdresser from York (who last did my hair on my wedding day) saying she was in London, and which salon was I at? Naturally, invites extended, bubbles topped-up and Gill rocked up to join in the fun – awesome!

Ben then returned to wash out the colour and finish me off. And I loved it! Considering how frightened I was about losing my long hair, I totally love my new short barnet, and even though I’ll only have it for a couple more weeks, I’m loving it already and even considering keeping it short when it grows back?! Watch this space…!

In the meantime, after a few more top-ups, we left the salon after five hours, three bottles of bubbles and a GREAT afternoon! Huge thanks to Caroline and Ben for their skills, tolerance, patience and general sense of fun putting up with us, and making this a great day!


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