11. Am I good to go?

It’s cycle 1, day 12 of 14. Before I can go into the next chemo session, I have an appointment with my Oncologist, to check my bloods and make sure my body’s recovered enough to go into the next cycle. So what have I done in preparation for this? A day trip to Germany, a tour round a chocolate factory, dinner at my favourite tapas and a couple of cheeky gins for good measure – my blood should look completely normal, right?!

In all seriousness; during week one when I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, what side effects I’d have, and how my body would react, I was the perfect patient. I drank heaps of water, and chamomile tea, had a nutribullet concoction every morning, and steered clear of alcohol. But as I’ve felt better in week two, I’ve allowed myself to live a little more ‘normally’ and it’s helped me feel, well, normal! Obviously I haven’t gone crazy, but not focusing on cancer for a few days has helped the mental reset, and hopefully today the doc will give me the green light for round two… fingers crossed!


6 thoughts on “11. Am I good to go?

  1. Inspiring and amazing Boc I love these updates, thrilled the first cycle has gone so well. It puts such a perspective on to my own life. Xx


  2. Your video really made me smile. Today I have been doing decluttering at home (and it is long overdue so it’s going to take a while…) and was feeling a bit miserable. After watching your video… good news and your positvity is catching … so now I’m not. Thank you x

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